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Best programming languages to build smart contracts

Smart contracts are built to remove human interference, making it unnecessary to use a third party for settling disputes, finalizing contractual agreements or resolving disputes. When it comes to building smart contracts, there are a number of programming languages that can be used effectively. 

It is very important as an use case for blockchain. One advantage that comes with using smart contracts is the ease of resolving disagreements between parties without needing an arbiter or having to go to court. So, it helps to save time and stress that comes with going through long arbitration processes

Smart contracts simply function based on the code they were built on. This makes it easy to make financial payments and transactions directly without needing middlemen like banks and other financial institutions.

Solidity language program

This was created by Christian Reitwiessner, Yoichi Hirai, Gavin Wood and other people that contributed to Ethereum in developing smart contracts. With Ethereum now one of the leading platforms for smart contracts, other alternative blockchains are looking to use platforms compatible with solidity for their smart contracts. It is easy to port smart contracts that are run on the Ethereum network into other alternative blockchain networks.

If you are looking to build your smart contract on the blockchain of Ethereum, then the programming language that is most ideal for you is Solidity. It is another high-level programming language just like JavaScript, C++, and Python. This programming language is contract-oriented which means that your smart contracts have the responsibility to store all logic that’s transacted within the blockchain. This programming language is run on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). 

The Ethereum nodes connect to the blockchain and host the EVM. Solidity is typed statically and it supports libraries, inheritance and a lot more. It can also build blockchain applications that can be used to boost the strength of the industry. 

Although this programming language is relatively new and is also object-oriented, there’s already an estimate of over 200,000 developers working with it. 


This is a programming language that can be used for general purposes. It has more than 4.4 million developers and its major strength is in how it’s able to scale applications that have intensive resources, making the applications run more smoothly. However, it might not be the easiest language to use for coding. 

The EOS blockchain uses its Web Assembly virtual machine to support smart contracts. Which means it is possible to build smart contracts with any programming language that can be compiled into WASM (Web Assembly). But the programming language that is most recommended by seasoned developers for EOS is C++. 


This is a lightweight and dynamic programming language that is also object-oriented. Brendan Eich created JavaScript, and it is one of the major strongholds of web design along with CSS and HTML. CSS is used on the design outlay of your website while HTML is used to add content to the website. 

It brought deviation from the static website to which people were used to and ushered in user-friendly and dynamic websites. JavaScript can be used on the NEO blockchain to create smart contracts. 

Although it was created as a script for the client-side, numerous implementations to this language, including node.js, have made it into a server-side script as well. From time to time, JavaScript has features that are added to it, with NEO aiming at providing developers with freedom and choice. 

Developers can use NEO to write smart contracts, as it also supports a number of other programming languages, making the development and realization of their ideas possible. 


This is an in-demand and very popular programming language for smart contracts. It is a programming language that is based on classes and is also object-oriented. It was first developed in 1995 by Sun Microsystems and it has many of its structure and syntax derived from C++. You can use Java in NEO for building smart contracts. 

NEO is a blockchain platform that facilitates the growth of digital assets and the development of smart contracts. The term NEO is derived from ancient Greek and it’s translated as ‘young’, ‘modern’ or ‘new’. The aim of NEO is the use of smart contracts as a digital, distributed and decentralized platform for assets that are non-digital. It has a specific goal of becoming the digital alternative that is used for the transfer of assets that are not digital. 

The way Java is designed is such that it is able to offer developers with flexibility so that they are able to write code that can run on all machines, not minding the architecture or platform. There are currently over 10 million Java developers in the world, and there are also over 15 billion devices worldwide that are running Java. This programming language is suitable for use on the NEO blockchain to build smart contracts. 


This programming language was created by Google and it is open-source. It is one language that can allow different processes to run at the same time, meaning that it allows for concurrent programming. It is built loosely on the C language syntax and is a straightforward language to use by the developers. 

There is a worldwide estimate of 800,000 developers on Golang. This programming language is used in most part of the Hyperledger’s chain code, which was created with Hyperledger Fabric. It is also used to construct smart contracts.   


Sequel or SQL is a programming language that was created by IBM to communicate with databases by interacting with, querying and storing data. SQL is used by AERGO (an enterprise-ready blockchain created in Hong Kong) to create smart contracts. With their focus being on environments of commercial business, they allow different entities the building, and execution of smart contracts that are programmed with SQL. 


Smart contracts have become important in blockchain and there’s ever more interest to use of smart contracts by businesses, very much like in the case of blockchains. A smart contract resolves any problem of mistrust between all the parties involved in a business, cuts out unnecessary and irrelevant expenses, promotes transparency, and also saves time. Everything is run through the program code, so, it does not require any human to participate in the transaction. 

You can also be assured of safety. This is because there’s a decentralized ledger where all the data is kept and it’s impossible to lose it. It is also resistant to cyber-attacks. If you compare smart contracts with the traditional payment system, then you will realize that it’s a more secure system. 


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