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Liberland: the first state to use the EOS blockchain

During the event “The Future of Money, Governance, and the Law”, held in Washington on January 31, Daniel Larimer, CTO of Block.one, the company behind the development of the EOSio blockchain, was present and had the opportunity to meet Joey Langenbrunner, MP on a mission to the United States for the Republic of Liberland.

Just during the event, the two announced that Liberland will be the first nation to use the blockchain technology offered by EOS to administer all government operations.

The speech by Larimer, CTO of Block.one, during the Washington event focused on the use and implementation of the blockchain in different areas and the fact that not adopting it is only negligence.

The CTO went on to explain how blockchain technology can improve the security, transparency and integrity of companies.

Liberland and EOS

The small state, born in 2015 between Serbia and Croatia, is the third smallest state in the world after the Vatican City and the Principality of Monaco and, with its 7 km2 does not have enough territory to accommodate the thousands of requests for citizenship that arrive, also because geographically it suffers the flooding of the Danube and consequently most of the houses are floating.

Even if we are in the presence of a small State, this certainly does not mean that it cannot implement the blockchain technology, on the contrary, this is a significant advantage, considering its size and that it could represent an unprecedented case study.

It is interesting to note that EOS has been chosen among all the existing blockchain and protocols. 

Always with reference to Larimer’s blockchain, it must be remembered that in less than 2 weeks the decentralized social network Voice will be tested, a platform that will allow to have a certainty on the authors of the posts and comments and therefore counteract the fake accounts. 


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