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AS Roma launches its ASR fan token

The Italian football team AS Roma has officially announced the launch of its token fan, called ASR

In the same way as for Juventus, the token has been launched on the Socios platform and the first survey allowing the use of the token has already been launched. 

With this poll, the club asks fans whose name should be chosen for one of the football fields of the Trigoria Sports Centre. Using the ASR fan tokens on Socios.com it is possible to vote by choosing from 5 former players of the team: 

  • Guido Masetti, 
  • Attilio Ferraris, 
  • Amedeo Amadei, 
  • Pedro Manfredini, 
  • Aldo Maldera. 

Only those holding these tokens can take part in surveys on Socios. 

Roma, like Juventus, plays in the top Italian football league and is one of the most popular teams ever. In addition to these two Italian teams, fan tokens from other famous football teams such as Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid, Galatasaray and West Ham are also available on Socios. 

A limited number of ASR token fans have already been distributed free of charge on Socios.com in January, along with CHZ tokens that can now be used to purchase Roma tokens. 

A Fan Token Offer (FTO) has also recently been launched, allowing the purchase of ASR tokens at a price of €2 each, depending on the exchange rate of the CHZ token. To purchase ASR fan tokens it is necessary to pay in CHZ tokens exclusively on AS Roma Fan Token Offering on Socios.com. 

A total of 10 million ASR fan tokens have been issued

Participation in the surveys will also allow users to collect reward points for unique experiences and exclusive merchandising, including the chance to watch a match from the VIP area of the Olympic Stadium and meet the most famous players. 

Socios.com CEO and founder, Alexandre Dreyfus, said: 

“Roma fans around the world have now a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to a true legend of the club. This first survey illustrates very well how $ASR Fan Tokens will create an even closer bond between the team and its supporters, allowing fans to play an active role in shaping the club’s history. Fans can now expect endless future possibilities for interaction with the team, as well as the opportunity to win amazing experiences”. 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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