Tensions increase for Bitcoin Cash: a new fork?
Tensions increase for Bitcoin Cash: a new fork?

Tensions increase for Bitcoin Cash: a new fork?

By Lorenzo Dalvit - 19 Feb 2020

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Peter Rizun has warned the Bitcoin Cash community with a tweet explaining that Amaury Sachet is lobbying for a new fork and his Bitcoin ABC client will make life difficult for those who oppose the funding of the new BCH development foundation by changing the protocol. Many are therefore wondering if a new fork is on the way.

Rizun’s alternative, the Bitcoin unlimited client capable of mining BCH, is ready to be used by those who want to oppose IFP. Peter warns with these words:

“ABC 0.21 changes the BCH protocol to issue 5% of every new coin and 5% of all transaction fees to Amaury Sechet and his friends. Do not run this software if you care about the future of bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system”.

The most recent proposal put forward by miner Jiang Zhuoer, initially also supported by Roger Ver and other miners, continues to cause havoc.

All those who have implemented a Bitcoin ABC node will support the proposal, willingly or not. This is what happens when a single client absorbs the majority of the ecosystem. Wallets, services, protocols of all kinds are now inevitably on Amaury Sachet’s side. The Rizun node is much less used and therefore has little weight in power wars like this one. 

Bitcoin Unlimited is not the only one to take sides against this project. Roger Ver also has his company, Bitcoin.com, taking sides against it through a very clear post from CTO Emil Oldenburg.

Oldenburg says:

“In the western world, we say that “The devil is in the details”. And when it comes to the Infrastructure Funding Proposal, the details are super important”.

By adding IFP rules in the default ABC node, ABC imposes a course that is far from safe.

The CTO of Bitcoin.com confirms that they were in favour of the funding proposal but only if it were supported by the community and mediated between the parties. 

It seems that the game is getting more violent. The players in the game are showing their muscles and are not willing to back down. 

It’s premature to talk about forks for Bitcoin Cash but tensions increase and often as it happened in the past, they can generate a hard fork, leading to two opposing coins.

Lorenzo Dalvit

Blockchain enthusiast tutor, expert in sales and marketing, social community manager, artistic director, musician, lover of disruptive paradigms and life. All my skill are about human interaction and connection

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