EOS vs TRON: who wins in terms of number of accounts?
EOS vs TRON: who wins in terms of number of accounts?

EOS vs TRON: who wins in terms of number of accounts?

By Alfredo de Candia - 24 Feb 2020

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One of the aspects that is most often considered when talking about a blockchain is the number of accounts, which is perhaps why Justin Sun has recently stated that TRON has surpassed 4.7 million accounts, three times more than EOS.

But is this really such a big deal?

The blockchain competing with TRON, EOS, counts “only” 1.7 million EOS accounts.

Another important aspect that must be kept in mind is the total TRX supply of 100 billion for TRON and 1 billion for EOS (detailed information on how the EOS supply works can be found for instance in the free book Mastering EOS).

With these proportions in mind, it is clear that 25% of the total supply has been locked on the TRON blockchain, about $500 million, while EOS has more than $2 billion locked in staking.

How is it possible that, even with these few accounts, EOS outperforms the TRON blockchain?

One of the reasons why EOS has more crypto staked is in the account system that the Block.one blockchain uses, whose management of funds, unlike other blockchains, is conducted through a paid address.

This is obviously a limit when compared to TRON, whose accounts are free and therefore can be created in an infinite number.

In addition, when interacting with dApps and smart contracts, users must lock EOS: hence, in the long run, many cryptocurrencies will remain locked to keep the blockchain operating and only a part will be traded on the market.

What is the number of Bitcoin accounts?

In bitcoin, where there are no barriers to address creation, there is a huge number of addresses, just under 30 million, mainly because it is the first crypto and blockchain to have been created back in 2008.

Whereas Ethereum boasts over 87 million different addresses, probably due to the many use cases such as smart contracts, DeFi and tokenization of assets.

Alfredo de Candia

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