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Akon chooses the Stellar blockchain and launches Akoin

Akon has chosen the Stellar blockchain for launching Akoin on the crypto market with the aim of making it the reference token for developing countries. 

The well-known crypto project of the American singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer with Senegalese origins seems to want to spread across the entire crypto world, thanks to the full compatibility of the Aikon utility token with the Stellar network.  

Specifically, Akoin, powered by its own market of tools and services designed for entrepreneurs in emerging economies, with a focus on Africa, will finally be ready for mass adoption.

In fact, Akoin on the Stellar blockchain will represent the official entry of this token into the entire crypto market, thanks to its full compatibility with both the Stellar network wallets and its interoperability with all other assets and fiat currencies supported. 

Perhaps this is still a long way off for countries like Africa, which thanks to this Akoin ecosystem will be able to learn, earn, spend and save while connecting and trading with the global digital economy using only a mobile phone and now also the Stellar network. 

In this regard, Akon commented:

“It’s a global platform that we’re building and Africa is our target market because as we see it now, Africa has the most challenges”.

Jon Karas, co-founder and president of Akoin described the project:

“Akoin selected Stellar’s distributed, hybrid blockchain due to a shared vision for creating global financial inclusion, particularly in areas such as Africa”.

A global financial inclusion that could provide a reliable currency alternative for entrepreneurs in Africa and other developing countries, with tools and services for entrepreneurs to build their business.

Akon’s commitment 

The famous singer seems to be bringing all his success in the service of his country of origin. In fact, just last month he finalized the agreement for his home town in Senegal.

Recently, he published a video to describe the Akoin project. 

Not only that, since last summer, the well-known artist had also announced his participation at the Malta A.I. & Blockchain summit to illustrate his vision for the realization of the Akoin project. 


Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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