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Pornhub: crypto payments available with Pumapay

Pornhub has finally integrated cryptocurrency payments via PumaPay

After signing a partnership in September 2018, now the premium high-definition subscription service of the well-known adult site has integrated the blockchain-based payment system and the PullPayment protocol to pay using cryptocurrencies and the PumaPay token (PMA). 

The integration took place thanks to the PumaPay API, allowing Pornhub Premium users can continue to pay for the service as they are doing now, but with greater privacy and security, having full control of their subscription directly from the PumaPay Mobile Wallet app. 

Payments will be fast, and transactions made through the PullPayment protocol will be free of charge, except for the gas to be paid for using the Ethereum blockchain, which powers the PumaPay protocol.

This technology allows different payment options, such as subscriptions, top-ups and other common payment methods. 

PumaPay CEO, Yoav Dror, said: 

“This latest integration with Pornhub Premium entrenches PumaPay’s protocol as a prime solution for recurring cryptopayments. Our technology also happens to be completely hassle-free, offering subscription-based billing models based on our innovative PullPayment mechanism”.

PumaPay says it is ready to finalize further integrations with YouPorn Premium and Redtube Premium, with the goal of becoming the preferred payment solution for the adult entertainment industry.

Pornhub Vice President, Corey Price, commented:

“Pornhub Premium is all about offering its users options – we do so with one of the most robust video and category offerings. The same is true for payments. Now our crypto-holding users have the freedom to use PumaPay. Adding PumaPay to the list of cryptocurrencies Pornhub Premium accepts has allowed us to better cater to the millions of crypto holders around the world”.


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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