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Napoli Blockchain and donations for the Coronavirus

The Napoli Blockchain Association undertakes measures to fight the Coronavirus and does so through a crypto fundraiser in bitcoin and ethereum in particular, initiated to “show the warmth of the so-called cold digital world”.

The fundraising has as its objective the purchase of fans and electromedical equipment intended for “strengthening the Intensive Care Units of the Campania region”, reads the Facebook post published by the Neapolitan association.

All cryptocurrency holders can contribute and achieve the ‘soft cap’ of 10 thousand euros in BTC and ETH, representing the minimum collection target.

How to donate for the Coronavirus

The fundraising takes place through the Napoliblockchain.it website, by clicking on the special page created for the fundraising ‘Dona Contro Coronavirus’.

ETH donations can be made by sending the desired amount to the address 0x0E2823872d9D39DaBD805289580AcEC36455950e, while the collection of bitcoin passes through the dedicated page on the website that uses Napay, an application for bitcoin payments created by the association itself and used by many Neapolitan businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments. 

The latter is an initiative that is part of the extensive Napoli Blockchain Project of the City of Naples.

The Neapolitan crypto world against Covid-19

The president of the association Celestino Santagata explains to The Cryptonomist:

“As part of the blockchain project of the City of Naples, our association has decided to start a fundraiser in bitcoin and ether with the aim of helping those who need it most during this period of great emergency”.

Santagata adds:

“If we were to reach a substantial figure, we could buy electro-medical equipment for the intensive care units of hospitals in the Campania region. In the event that the amount should not reach an adequate figure to cover the purchase of specific equipment such as ventilators, we will allocate the funds to all those Cooperatives, Associations and affiliates of the City of Naples that need equipment to protect themselves and others while performing their tasks; for example when delivering medicines to those most in need”.

Thus, a proactive contribution: 

“During a period in which all commercial activities are at a standstill, although not our divulgation activity which we have been carrying on for a long time and which will continue remotely through videoconferencing training sessions aimed at those activities in the Neapolitan territory concerned with introducing cryptocurrencies among payment methods”, says the president of the association who, with this double initiative, intends to “help by trying to involve the crypto world as well”.


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