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The best April’s Fools’ jokes in the crypto space

Like every year, the April Fools’ tradition affects the crypto world today. This year, even CoinMarketCap participated with an ironic post, which, despite recent events regarding a possible acquisition by the Binance exchange, did not forget the occasion and published a post announcing the whitepaper of the Toilet Paper Token (TPT). 

Obviously, it’s a joke, and on the main page of their website, there is a listing of this token, created on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain using the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) protocol.

There is also a questionable article written by the Harbus team, part of Harvard Business School, which jokes that from now on all diplomas will be available only on the blockchain since this technology is more decentralized, scalable and secure compared to traditional paper diplomas. Evidently, they are not aware that such a structure already exists in Italy, which is therefore feasible and desirable for everyone to adopt.

Not even on Reddit have the jokers resisted, they targeted the decentralized social media Voice, which was launched in beta in mid-February, joking that today it has migrated to the EOS mainnet

Even in the crypto world, many people participated to bring a bit of fun and entertainment, especially in this period of pandemic caused by Covid-19. Some jokes were made on the subject as well, even if in very poor taste.

There was also the contribution of The Cryptonomist, announcing that Telegram managed to get SEC approval for its token sale with a Pavel Durov, the CEO, with a decidedly aged face.



Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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