CryptoGeek: the ultimate review platform for cryptocurrencies
CryptoGeek: the ultimate review platform for cryptocurrencies

CryptoGeek: the ultimate review platform for cryptocurrencies

By Crypto Advertising - 15 Apr 2020

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Cryptogeek is a review platform focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain-related brands. The website was launched in 2019 by an international team of financial journalists and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Cryptogeek Overview

“All you need to know about cryptocurrency companies” reads the motto on the homepage of the Cryptogeek website. Indeed, the platform provides much information pulled from numerous sources in several languages. Currently, the information on the website is available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish languages. It’s fair to say that the richest knowledge base is available in English.

We have mentioned that the information on Cryptogeek originates from several sources. First off, the platform provides objective expert reviews about numerous cryptocurrency-related platforms (exchanges, wallets, mining pools, etc). These texts are written by Cryptogeeks authors and include a thorough description of the brand (its history, features, advantages, shortcomings, security measures, reputation, and so on). Moreover, the same authors write the analytic articles and guides for the Blog section of the Cryptogeek website.

Another source of information is user reviews. This feature is special because the visitors of Cryptogeek can quickly get the impression of the brand from the first hand. Users write short reviews under the expert review and rate the brands given them 1 to 5 stars.

Besides the reviews and ratings made by the Cryptogeek authors and visitors, there is an automated rating of exchanges based on the sophisticated algorithm. It is called TrustScore. It estimates the rating based on numerous parameters associated with the brand. The underlying mechanism is given on the website so everyone can decide if it’s fair enough.

Currently, there are over 700 brands presented at Cryptogeek. To date, not all of them have full-length descriptions but the company is working on providing each brand with a detailed review. The platform users are active, too. The employees of the crypto-businesses can request the addition of their company through filling the short form on the website.

Website Sections

In the upper part of the website, there is a menu with a search field, Categories menu, Compare Exchanges tab, Blog tab, language switcher, and the Add Company button.

The search field helps to find the brand by entering its name (partial or full name). In the Categories, pop-up menu one can choose between types of brands for further search. There are the following options: Exchanges, Projects (ICOs), Wallets, Media (Informational platforms), Coins, Tools (cryptocurrency-related software such as bots, etc), Mining, Games, Software (the companies developing the blockchain-related or blockchain-based software), and Ecosystems. Obviously, such diversity means that Cryptogeeks are going to cover as much information about the cryptocurrency market as possible.

Compare Exchanges tab provides a tool of snap comparison of the exchanges by certain parameters. It’s understood that it is possible to compare only the exchanges featured on Cryptogeeks (but there are lots of them already). The parameters include the following information: founding date, country, core type (centralized/decentralized), supported languages, mobile platforms, trading volume, the number of trading pairs, the number of supported coins, the number of supported fiat currencies, deposit fee, trading fees, support for margin trading, support for 2fa, the legal status of the exchange, TrustPilot rating, TrustScore rating, Cryptogeek user rating, number of followers on social media, and contact data. For many potential users comparison by these parameters can be enough to decide to not use one of the platforms and prefer to try the other one. All these data are delivered in one click. That’s a convenient tool although it’s better to combine it with reading the user reviews.

Blog tab takes a visitor to the Cryptogeek blog where it’s possible to read guides, analytic articles, and further useful info on different topics associated with the world of cryptocurrencies. Among the latest headlines, there are “CoronaCoin: Price is human lives”, “Jaxx vs Coinomi – Which One To Use?”, “John McAfee Net Worth 2020”, “Top 14 Litecoin Mining Pools – Which One To Use?”, and others. As you can see, the range of topics is quite wide. Also, the blog contains the price forecasts of several cryptocurrencies.

Those who want to add their company to the website should fill out a short form consisting of the following blocks: company name, a short company description (location, main features, and so on), the requester’s name, and her/his email address. Cryptogeek encourages the representatives of featured companies to request the platform for updates of info about brands and correct found inaccuracies.


In general, this young platform is quite ambitious and content-rich. The main feature of Cryptogeek is its practical purpose. The platform is interactive so the crypto-community can use it to share the experience while the companies featured on the website can control the relevancy of the presented information about their features.

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