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Justin Sun: “10% of Pornhub models prefer payments in crypto like TRC20 USDT”

The Cryptonomist had the pleasure and honour to interview Justin Sun, CEO of the TRON Foundation and of BitTorrent, as well as owner of Steemit now, to talk about decentralization, stablecoins and of the future of the TRX blockchain.

We’re still light years away before we see a crypto mass adoption, what do you think? And how can BitTorrent grow the small number of users that currently use cryptocurrencies?

We’ve seen mainstream adoption coming along remarkably well. For TRON to grow, we will continue to pursue impactful partnerships with traditional and mainstream companies. So far, BitTorrent and DLive have been driving exponential growth in live streaming and peer-to-peer content distribution. We saw large growth of users being exposed to distributed ledger technology through our integration with Opera Browser and their blockchain wallet. TRON has also partnered with the #1 technology brand in the world, Samsung, to bring decentralized applications to many millions of devices.

Tether on TRON, how much is it currently used? Do you think it could become a reference currency as an alternative to the US dollar itself?

As of April 13th, 2020, the total market cap of USDT is $6.5 billion. One year ago at this time, it was only $2.5 billion. If TRON-based USDT continues to double or triple at this rate on a yearly basis, I believe this cryptocurrency could become a strong standard like USD. Also, we have seen large internet based payment systems relying on USDT more than ever. In just a few month’s time, Pornhub.com reported that over 10% of their models prefer being paid out in cryptocurrencies like TRC20-USDT.

 In your opinion, how high can the price of TRX go, considering the infinite circulating supply? Have you ever thought of setting a cap?

We don’t control or comment on the price. The market decides. We are HODLing!

Are there any ongoing projects to further improve the scalability of the TRON blockchain?

We’ve been focusing on scaling, increasing the high-throughput scalability of our blockchain and proving this by increasing the number of dApps and transactions. So far, as you can see, TRON is holding up extremely well as we have surpassed 730 dApps and the most active users in the blockchain industry.

Are private transactions progressing smoothly? How long will the testing phase last before the public launch?


It’s coming along well. More updates to come!

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