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Sex and Blockchain: a new online event

Sex and Blockchain is a new online event to be held next Thursday, April 23rd on the virtual reality platform AltspaceVR.

Originally scheduled to be held in England, London, the event has been moved online as a result of the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

Sex and Blockchain is organized by Raspberry Dream Labs, an English company founded by Angelina Aleksandrovich, with the aim of “create innovative multi-sensory solutions for cybersex”, as explained on the official website of the project, using blockchain for data management, for example.

According to Raspberry, this technology is already innovating in many areas, and could soon do so with the sex industry.

“Blockchains are bits of data secured across a decentralized network of digital devices. This technology is currently revolutionising many aspects of human existence. What about sex industry?”, is stated in the EventBrite event presentation.

PornHub and crypto projects in the sex industry

We have already seen, for example, that Pornhub pays its actors and models in crypto, but what if the blockchain was able to manage the data of the porn industry? How safe would user data be? Raspberry asks.

Moreover, recently there has been a large amount of crypto-porn and online sextortion scams involving cryptocurrencies, so it’s definitely a relevant issue and the event could also clarify how users’ personal data would be handled in case it all goes through the blockchain.

Anyway, these issues will be discussed during the event with speakers such as Alison Falk, founder of SEXTECHSPACE and President of Women of Sex Tech; Batuhan Bintas, founder of Cyber Rabbit, and many others.

The online event will start at 6.30 PM (CEST) and will last until 11 PM (CEST); the cost of the ticket is about 13 euros (not payable in crypto).


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