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TRON dApps in the Samsung Galaxy Store

Samsung has added support for TRON’s dApps directly in its Galaxy Store. This reinforces the collaboration between South Korean electronics giant and Justin Sun’s blockchain. 

The announcement came directly from the TRON Foundation via Twitter: 

As of yesterday, owners of Samsung smartphones and tablets can download dApps such as Blockchain Cuties, Super Player, MeerkatMining, Timeloop directly from the Galaxy Store. These dApps will soon be followed by others.

The news has brought great enthusiasm to the TRON ecosystem with dApp owners such as DIG for IT who have already released links for downloading from the Samsung Store. 

DIG for IT has revealed a detail: the dApp is also compatible with phones that do not have the Samsung Blockchain Keystore: for this type of users, however, only the demo version of the game is available. 

It’s a piece of news that strengthens the position of TRON’s blockchain, the first to be fully supported by Samsung. 

Samsung seems to be focusing on crypto projects. In addition to having added a crypto wallet inside its top-of-the-range mobile phones, starting with the Samsung Galaxy S10, already in October TRON was included among the supported cryptocurrencies, joining others such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In December, Samsung finally announced the integration of three TRON dApps into Samsung smartphones. 

Today users can download the dApps and get in touch with the world of TRON directly from their mobile phone.

However, the cryptocurrency does not benefit: despite the announcement, its market position remains quite stable with a gain of 0.61% on a daily basis. 

At any rate, this is a decidedly unparalleled springboard for TRON. Samsung is in fact one of the world’s leading phone manufacturers, in the lead together with Apple with 70.4 million phones delivered in the last quarter of 2019.


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