Certificates arrive on the EOS blockchain
Certificates arrive on the EOS blockchain

Certificates arrive on the EOS blockchain

By Alfredo de Candia - 4 May 2020

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An interesting element that each blockchain can integrate is certainly to register certificates securely, which EOS could soon provide as well.

In fact, an integration has been proposed to bring X.509 certificates, which represent the standard proposed by the International Telecommunication Union, to the EOS blockchain.

“This document proposes utilizing the existing PKI certificates as EOSIO blockchain identity, in order to remove the burden of managing private keys from the user”, explains the proposal document.

The purpose would be to make it possible to store information on the blockchain developed by Block.one, including the unique certificates that would certify the authoritativeness of the generated data.

This system could also replace the traditional KYC (Know Your Customer) because through it one could register one’s own private information and allow only specific authorized dApps (decentralized application) that need to verify the identity of the users. 

“A totally new and unexplored capability opens up in using the government-issued certificates for blockchain identity. They would be able to replace the expensive KYC process completely. Such usage needs a thorough design effort, keeping in mind legal and privacy implications”, the proposal explains.

Who proposes these certificates on EOS?

The project was promoted by cc32d9, the Block Producer known as EOS Amsterdam, which has already held an advanced course on EOS and other blockchains at the University of Geneva, as announced last November 2019.

It certainly represents an interesting initiative, even if it requires the support of several elements in order to create something of this kind and then implement it successfully, but the applications for this type of system are practically endless.

Recently a similar project, but in that case related only to timestamps, was launched on the Zilliqa blockchain thanks to ZILHive Grant and the contribution of Hybridverse.

Alfredo de Candia

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