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Litecoin: an update on the implementation of MimbleWimble

Litecoin has published an update for its blockchain and specifically regarding the integration of the MimbleWimble (MW) protocol, which will allow private transactions between users.

It should be remembered that the implementation to make the Litecoin blockchain more secure is something that was strongly desired by Charlie Lee precisely to meet users’ requests regarding privacy, something that is already possible to have for example on other blockchains such as Grin, Zcash (ZEC) or Monero (XMR).

Only 2 months ago David Burkett had already updated users on the progress of the work, pointing out a difficult progression and uncertain timeframe because this type of implementation is very time consuming and certainly not easy.

In this latest Litecoin update, it’s possible to see a minor progression: a working framework has been tested to build valid headers, blocks and transactions, all completed with end-to-end validated blocks.

Important progress has also been made to integrate the Litecoin Codebase, the ConnectBlock logic:

“Is the part where blocks are validated to ensure valid UTXOs are being spent, no double spends, etc, and is also responsible for actually adding the blocks to the chain”, explains the update.

In fact, the blocks related to the MimbleWimble protocol will be added to the existing ones, so private transactions will be added to create a longer and more “secure” “chain”.

As for all the documentation and codes, we’ll have to wait until next month because Burkett hasn’t yet created a repository on GitHub with all the progress achieved, although development will continue in the same way it’s progressing on the Grin project.

The privacy related to the blockchain is certainly very important and that’s why other foundations are also starting to integrate it, think for example of the work of TRON (TRX) and Tezos (XTZ), a sign that many companies are ready to provide more features to protect the privacy of transactions.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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