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Chainlink: a partnership agreement with Tezos

Chainlink has signed an agreement with Tezos so that the developers of the XTZ token project have real-time data provided by the oracle company.

Sergey Nazarov, Co-founder of Chainlink, said:

“We look forward to bringing Chainlink’s oracle infrastructure to the Tezos ecosystem, supplying Tezos developers with high-quality data to power secure, truly reliable decentralized applications. Tezos is one of the most advanced blockchains in the space, offering many unique features that make it appealing to institutions and developers. We’re excited to help the Tezos ecosystem take that critical step forward in its evolution by securely integrating with the whole spectrum of valuable real-world resources existing off-chain”.

Essentially, smart contract developers working for Tezos will be able to take data off-chain thanks to Chainlink’s decentralized system.

Vishakh, co-founder of Cryptonomic, one of the companies behind Tezos, explained:

“Providing Tezos developers with the most secure and reliable oracle solution is essential to advancing the Tezos ecosystem… Chainlink’s secure decentralized oracle network makes possible a plethora of new use cases across DeFi, Equities, Insurance, and much more”. 

Latest news about Chainlink and Tezos

Last week, Chainlink (LINK) saw a price increase of almost 4%, while the Tezos token rose 65% in the last month, according to Kraken exchange data.

Furthermore, Chainlink recently also partnered with Chilliz of Socios to provide them with off-chain data via the oracles.

In the meantime, Tezos had announced the upgrade to the Carthage protocol, activated last March 5th at the 851.869th block. In addition, the automotive giant

BMW Group is developing a project to use the Tezos blockchain to provide a virtual Proof of Validation (PoV) for self-driving vehicles.


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