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Revolut’s tips for a “contactless” life

Italy has started Phase 2, which is the period of partial reopening after the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus. Revolut has eight practical tips and apps to limit contact and make the most of this new period of living with the Coronavirus which has disrupted people’s habits. 

Contactless payments and money management via smartphone

It is clear that contact is one of the main channels transmitting the virus. So one of the best measures to take is not to touch banknotes. That’s why apps like Revolut allow users to manage their money securely via smartphone. Even payments are facilitated, not only for online purchases but also in physical stores via contactless cards and systems such as Google Pay or Apple Pay. Revolut also allows sending and receiving data instantly between users. 

Sharing mobility

Public transport following the Coronavirus will never be the same again. That’s why Revolut suggests bike-sharing apps:

  • Mobike, 
  • Helbiz,
  • Lime.

Booking a restaurant

When restaurants will be able to reopen in full and not just for take-away and delivery, the capacity will certainly be less than the pre-Covid period. It will be advisable to book in order to eat out. Here are some apps:

  • The fork
  • MyTable
  • OpenTable

Sport and exercise

Sport at home has been a must for those who have had to deal with the closure of gyms. Even in this case, there is no lack of apps that, by charging a small subscription fee, give training plans and useful tips to keep fit. Some of these also have a community and allow you to “meet” new people. Here are the ones recommended by Revolut:

  • Cyberobics,
  • Freeletics,
  • Tabata.

Body care

Beauticians and hairdressers are closed and for them, the reopening will also involve restrictions and so booking will be a must. A few apps, complete with reviews:

  • Uala,
  • Treatwell.

At home

Revolut also suggests some apps or websites where people can buy items to decorate and take care of their homes, starting with: 

  • Etsy, 
  • Ikea,
  • Amazon.

Discover your region

Phase 2 measures currently prohibit moving between regions. But each Italian region has its own masterpieces to offer. To discover them, simply check:

  • Tripadvisor
  • Musement

Making new friends

In times of lockdown, going out and meeting people is impossible. However, event apps have reconverted their function and now promote events online. This is the case with:: 

  • Comehome,
  • Meetup.

In short, Revolut encourages people to have a good time during Phase 2 by leveraging the apps and technology that allow to maintain distances and thus ensure greater safety. 

After all, the pandemic has already changed spending habits. Now all that’s left is to get used to a new kind of social life. 


Eleonora Spagnolo
Eleonora Spagnolo
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