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Zilliqa raises funds to support Singapore Red Cross’s fight against COVID-19

The Zilliqa project team held a social campaign to raise funds to support the efforts of the Singapore Red Cross against Covid 19.

The campaign was held between May 26th and 28th, 2020, and included a prize of 25 ZIL tokens for users who tweeted with the hashtag #ZILCovidHeroes. For every 25 ZIL sent to users, Zilliqa donated an equal amount to the Singapore Red Cross. 

In addition, users could also make donations in Singapore dollars directly to the Red Cross, along with a 2.5% tax deduction for residents and local companies. 

The result was the distribution of over 300,000 ZIL tokens to 14,308 users, and an equal amount was donated by Zilliqa to the Singapore Red Cross. Once converted into fiat currency, this social media-based fundraising campaign generated 7,369.20 Singapore dollars, or about $5,250

Within the campaign period, Zilliqa saw 1,216 new wallet registrations via their Tipping Bot service, Zeeves.

As part of the campaign, Zilliqa also worked with NextID, a Singapore-based certificate issuing service based on the blockchain, which allows anyone in the world to send a personalized Certificate of Appreciation to their COVID hero. This certificate is permanently archived and protected on the blockchain and uses the Singapore government’s OpenCerts format for verifiable credentials. 

As early as the beginning of May, the Zilliqa team had already revealed record data obtained during the first quarter of 2020.

In particular, it was the community that generated the most interesting results, with more than 130,000 people engaging, and a volume of social mentions increased by 25 times, or on average 5 million times a week. The number of followers on Twitter increased by 220% and the number of mentions by 113%. 

The numbers of the Zilliqa blockchain

The use of the blockchain also increased by 34%, with more than 6 billion ZIL tokens in circulation, transactions increased by 8% and the number of addresses increased by 36%.

All this was also reflected in the price of the ZIL cryptocurrency, which rose from less than $0.005 at the end of 2019 to the current $0.017, an increase of 220% in five months. 

It should be noted that by mid-March, the price had fallen further to around $0.003, and from the end of April, it started to rise, returning above $0.005, with a real spike from the end of May, coinciding with the closure of the campaign in favour of the Red Cross in Singapore

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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