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Coca Cola is now paid for in Bitcoin

A partnership has been established between Centrapay and Coca Cola Amatil that will allow Bitcoin (BTC) payments on vending machines.  

Coca Cola Amatil is the largest distributor and bottler of this beverage in the whole Asia Pacific area and is also one of the largest bottlers in the world in the Coca Cola universe, boasting over 12 thousand employees spread throughout Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Samoa.

They reach more than 270 million end consumers

As for Centrapay, it is a digital asset platform whose aim is to change the way consumers interface with brands and add value to products through the use of the blockchain. 

This partnership thus leads to the integration of Bitcoin (BTC) payments on over 2000 Coca-Cola vending machines located both in Australia and New Zealand, through the simple scanning of a QR code. 

Users will be able to use the Sylo Smart Wallet, which allows to comfortably manage over 100 different assets, so not only Bitcoin: once the drink has been chosen, it will be possible to scan a QR code and pay with crypto

Comfort and simplicity are important elements that will facilitate the adoption of these advanced digital systems, as explained by the CEO of Centrapay, Jerome Faury

“We have solved both these issues. Centrapay is pioneering the way to enable this new internet of value and bring its benefits to both consumers and merchants. We’re working to create a future where individuals are in control of their own data and digital identity. Brands can connect directly and ethically with people, empowering them to make the right purchasing decision, whilst also supporting their retail and other distribution partners.” 

It should be recalled that Coca Cola is not new to this type of technology: some time ago the company had implemented a solution using a permissioned blockchain.

Crypto in Australia 

As far as the Australian territory is concerned, a survey showed that more than 80% of people have heard of cryptocurrencies, but only 1% have actually used them. The top crypto on the continent is Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Furthermore, the Australian government itself published a report several months ago regarding a plan for the development of the blockchain sector throughout the country.

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