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Blockscan, the search engine for the decentralized web

Ethereum’s most famous blockchain explorer, Etherscan, has announced a new tool for the decentralized web: Blockscan, which analyzes the .eth and .zil domains.

The decentralized web

With the advent of the Ethereum and the possibility of programming anything on this blockchain, there has been an emergence over time of new web solutions such as its 3.0 version which, with the simple integration of some APIs, becomes decentralized.

This allows invoking tools that interact with the Ethereum blockchain or others, such as various extensions for browsers like wallets, or the same browsers that already integrate a system of wallets and functions, for example, the Opera browser that has already configured the interaction with domains based on the IPFS protocol.

With the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) protocol, which allows files to be uploaded in a decentralized way making censorship impossible, a completely decentralized web is achieved.

Unstoppable Domains

IPFS and its file management system have been integrated into web systems and platforms to build entire websites: for example, the most famous of all is Unstoppable Domains, which allows creating and managing a website or blog and publishing any article without running the risk of censorship.

The cost of creating an Unstoppable Domain is quite cheap, as there are domains that cost a mere $10.

Unstoppable Domains uses Ethereum’s blockchain for domains with a .crypto extension and therefore all transactions need a gas payment, while .zil extensions are based on the Zilliqa blockchain.

The websites created with this type of tool are obviously not easily accessible, not like normal websites. It is necessary to use extensions or browsers that already have this type of function.

To meet this requirement, but also to provide a search engine for the decentralized web, Etherscan has decided to create Blockscan, a proper search engine, which resembles Google’s layout.

This decentralized web search engine is still in its infancy and this means that it doesn’t really search the whole web 3.0. but only what it has in its database.

That’s why the “Submit your link” function exists for adding missing data.

We can see how the decentralized web is moving with the goal of being within everyone’s reach, also thanks to Brave and Blockscan. 


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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