1972 PONG. 2020 Blockchain and games
1972 PONG. 2020 Blockchain and games

1972 PONG. 2020 Blockchain and games

By Contest Writer - 20 Jun 2020

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Blockchain technology can also be used in the world of games.

It’s been 48 years since the release of PONG, one of the very first video games on the market. The game simulates ping pong through a stylized rectangular racket. 

Since then the gaming industry has evolved and adapted to technological progress, but we are still a long way from a world like the one portrayed in Ready Player One, a movie directed by Steven Spielberg, whereby in order to escape from their decadent lives and cities, people immerse themselves in a virtual world called Oasis.

Nowadays gaming plays an increasingly important role in society and has established itself as an effective medium for entertainment, communication and socializing with the whole world. 

Not to forget the rapid rise that the esports world is experiencing: there are millions of fans and spectators all over the world, for a turnover of around one billion dollars.

Where will the relentless advance of technology and digitization take us? 

A paradigm shift

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing many areas, including gaming, but in what way?

One of the very first cases in which the blockchain met the gaming world was with CryptoKitties, cute digital kittens that can be exchanged, collected and mated to generate new ones.

CryptoKitties are nothing but non-fungible tokens (NFT) using the ERC-721 standard on the Ethereum blockchain.

It was a real success so much that the Ethereum network experienced some problems due to the very high volume of traffic recorded on the blockchain.

Blockchain is the only technology that makes this possible. It may seem trivial but this is the only way to authenticate and hold digital property in a decentralized way.

Probably not everyone is interested in digital kittens, no matter how cute they may be, but there’s something for everyone in this category.

Sports on the blockchain

Even football enthusiasts can have fun with football stickers. However, this time they are not physical stickers, nonetheless they can be collected in the same way thanks to Sorare.

With Sorare, besides collecting favourite players, it is possible to create a team of 5 players and take part in weekly competitions with thousands of players all over the world. Each player receives a score based on their performance on the field during matches. Players who have scored the most points will receive ETH rewards or rarer and stronger stickers to use or resell since the stickers are non-fungible tokens.

There are 4 types of cards: common, rare, super rare and unique. Of the latter, as their name suggests, there is only one copy. Often these cards reach important figures, for example the unique figurine of Kalidou Koulibaly was sold on May 19th for 5,916 ETH.

There are many international football clubs that have joined, such as Atletico Madrid, Olympique Lyonnais and Spartak Moscow, but there are also some important Italian clubs such as Juventus, Napoli, Roma and Lazio.

For those who really love football and want to make the decisions for their favourite team, Socios is the right choice.

Thanks to fan tokens it is possible to participate in surveys that will influence some of the club’s decisions, as well as having the opportunity to win prizes and unique experiences.

For example, in recent months, anyone who has been in possession of JUV, the Juventus fan token, has had the opportunity to participate in many surveys, for example to choose the new anthem that will be heard at the Allianz Stadium when Juventus scores a goal.

Important football clubs have already joined, including FC Barcelona, PSG, Atletico Madrid and major Italian clubs such as Juventus and AS Roma

Virtual land?

Are you wondering if it is possible to buy digital plots of land? Yes, it is!

Are you wondering if it is possible to rent this land? Absolutely!

The Sandbox Game is a blockchain-based virtual reality game where players can buy and model virtual lands called Land.

Land is an NFT representing plots of land and there are only 166,464 units.

What can be done?

Land is the core of the metaverse of The Sandbox Game and allows its owners to model their own land at will with the ability to create custom games or rent their Land to other people to monetize.

Even those who do not have Land can participate in the metaverse by creating objects thanks to the simple 3D modelling software made available on The Sandbox Game website, which allows not only to create any object but also to animate and move it at will and then put it on sale on the marketplace

The Sandbox Game is supported by important companies in the industry such as MakerDAO, CryptoKitties and other giants of the traditional video game industry such as Atari, famous for producing Pong and many consoles, which has acquired vast quantities of land on which to create themed amusement parks, and Square Enix, famous for producing successful video games such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts

The above-mentioned games are just a very small part of this huge and expanding industry and there are plenty of opportunities for entertainment, work and earnings.  

Spielberg… here we come!

The blockchain industry is booming and constantly evolving, just think of the influence it has had in the financial sector with DeFi, Ethereum, Smart Contracts and dApps. 

Now even the world of video games is about to be changed and revolutionized forever

It seems that we’re getting closer and closer to the reality of Ready Player One, which maybe isn’t so far away.

Raul Gjyzeli


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