Akon chooses EOS and Sense.chat
Akon chooses EOS and Sense.chat

Akon chooses EOS and Sense.chat

By Alfredo de Candia - 22 Jun 2020

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Over the weekend it was revealed by Sense.chat, a messaging application based on the EOS blockchain, that Akon will use the app to open an official channel dedicated to Akoin.

Like every tool of this kind, Sense.chat wants to guarantee a certain level of security and privacy by using the EOS blockchain through which all messages are sent and received.

Each message is encrypted with the recipient’s public key, which means that only that account will be able to read it. More information about the project can be found in the Sense.chat whitepaper.

One of the most interesting features of Sense.chat is that it is possible to create public chats dedicated to a specific topic or project.

In fact, there are already several channels that have been opened in this way, for example Everipedia, Karma or Lumeos, allowing a direct communication between users and the team, a bit like on Telegram.

So that’s how the official Akoin channel will be created, in order to have a public chat based on EOS. To access it will be enough to have an account on this blockchain.

This novelty hasn’t been entirely random, it has been propelled and promoted by Crystal Rose Pierce, creator of Sense.chat, who only at the beginning of the month announced she joined the board of directors of Akoin.

What is Akoin?

Definitely, an interesting project that of Akoin and the related Akon City, which has brought home a contract worth 6 billion dollars to build the first crypto city in Africa, using Akoin as the main currency.

Akoin, a project promoted by the rapper Akon from whom it clearly takes its name, aims to become the token of reference for developing countries.

The project is based on Stellar’s blockchain and wants to provide financial tools to the population of Third World countries, starting from Africa, where there are many underbanked people.


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