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The blockchain now also includes decentralized emails

The decentralization of the blockchain has resulted in different types of services such as DEXs to trade tokens, website domains such as Unstoppable Domains, or emails. 

Decentralized emails have also recently been implemented so that they do not rely on centralized companies or servers.   

Although still in the testing phase, a platform has been launched that allows connecting an email inbox to a blockchain and taking advantage of Unstoppable Domains to get an email under the ZNS, ENS and .crypto domains. 

From the service’s homepage we can clearly see that there are several plans, both free and paid, which can include .zil, .crypto and .eth domains to link to a previously created domain and have a custom email address with the same extension as the site’s domain. 

How do these emails work? 

Even though the service is not yet active, we had the opportunity to test it in preview and report the various steps. 

In order to access this type of service, we will need to use Unstoppable Domains. In our case, it will be one with the extension .zil, namely zilliqafox.zil 

Once the request has been submitted, specifying our domain, we will be asked to confirm ownership of the domain. This operation is possible by making a transaction from the wallet linked to the domain, which in this case is a transaction on the Zilliqa blockchain. 

After the transaction is done, we will receive a confirmation email with our email address linked to the domain and also all the access and configuration parameters.

For the first setup, we will have to enter them here.

 At this point we have several options to choose from: for example, we can send the configuration to an email address or download a configuration file to open with our email manager. 

The service contains a lot of options for checking the email. For this, we will select the horde client. 

horde email

As we can see the platform is very simple and intuitive. Worth noting that there is no advertising.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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