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Happy birthday Justin Sun

Today is the birthday of Justin (Yuchen) Sun who blows out 30 candles full of extraordinary achievements during his career in the blockchain world.

Justin Sun was born in 1990. For those who don’t know, he comes from China and this is where he lived and studied, graduating in art history from the University of Beijing in 2011. 

He then studied at the University of Pennsylvania where he earned his Master’s degree in economic policy and was one of the first millennials to graduate from Hupan University founded by Jack Ma, the leader of the giant Alibaba.

Justin Sun and Bitcoin

Sun spoke about how he learned about Bitcoin back in 2012 when he approached the crypto world.

In 2014 he joined Ripple as Chief Representative of the China area, which resulted in numerous advantages and connections.

In the meantime he had also founded Peiwo, a popular social and voice streaming app, which allowed him to later establish the Tron Foundation.

Once the Tron blockchain project was launched, over the course of time Sun has achieved numerous milestones, such as the millions of accounts and addresses that have already been created and also the number of dApps (decentralized applications) that are indeed abundant on this blockchain.

There have also been major acquisitions in recent years, such as BitTorrent in 2018, whereas last year Sun got his hands on the Poloniex exchange and a couple of months ago he bought Steemit.

As a result of the latest acquisition, Justin Sun’s reputation has deteriorated, bearing the mistakes of the past for taking advantage of the dinner with Warren Buffett and then apologizing for what happened.

In fact, there are many who accuse Sun of operating improperly and on several fronts: think of what Vitalik Buterin and John McAfee said about the Steem affair or the heavy accusations of Jared Tate of DigiByte (DGB). This certainly does not help his reputation.

Nevertheless, Justin Sun continues on his way and a couple of days ago he launched TRON 4.0 with all its updates, such as the one concerning privacy.


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