Justin Sun apologises for marketing the lunch with Warren Buffett
Justin Sun apologises for marketing the lunch with Warren Buffett

Justin Sun apologises for marketing the lunch with Warren Buffett

By Stefano Cavalli - 25 Jul 2019

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Discussions continue on the famous lunch between Justin Sun, the founder of TRON (TRX), and billionaire investor Warren Buffett. After inviting the CEO of Circle, along with other participants, Justin reported health problems in the previous days and said that the lunch would be postponed from the date set for July 25th, 2019.

The Chinese media assumed that he wasn’t ill, but that he was simply trying to avoid legal problems mainly due to money laundering and that it was impossible for him to leave the country.

Justin Sun, after posting a video in which he proves to be in San Francisco, decided to publish a statement on Weibo apologising to the whole TRON Community and the Chinese authorities for behaving badly and for pushing too much from the point of view of marketing. However, shortly afterwards he deleted the message.

“Dear Friends, In the past few weeks, I had my darkest moment with sickness and tiredness. I didn’t sleep all night yesterday, and deeply reflected on my memories and was introspective for my behavior and words—I felt ashamed for my over-marketing. I want to deeply apologize to the public, media, leaders, and the related regulatory authority who cared about me.”

Sun has not specified to which authorities he refers in the announcement, but he has mentioned the term 13 times and, at least so far, the apologies have only been published in Chinese.

“I bought the Warren Buffett lunch because I admire him a lot and I have a huge passion for charity. The original reasons are good and simple. I cannot deny that I also want to promote blockchain related business at the same time. However, because of my immature words, behavior, youth, and vigor, I spoke without thinking twice. I ignored the responsibility of being a public figure. This was not my original intent”.

The statement from the TRON Foundation and the lack of promptness in procuring explanations, by Sun as well, led to the value of TRON (TRX) losing up to 20% in a few hours. Following the accusations against him, which for many were the real cause of the postponed lunch, Justin Sun could have acted differently.

“For the elders, leaders and regulators who care about me, I would like to express my sincere apologies for my premature marketing and words and deeds! I am deeply afraid of the adverse effects I caused! I am young, not well experienced in the ways of the world, and the blockchain is an emerging industry. I am immature. The overseers of the regulatory agencies and their great vigilance helped make me understand the importance of social responsibility and social influence!”

“Finally, I say once again to the media, overseers, leaders, regulatory agencies, and the public who care about me, I sincerely say: sorry!”

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