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Charlie Lee: “Warren Buffett will never invest in bitcoin (BTC)”

The date of the famous $4.6 million lunch between billionaire investor Warren Buffett and TRON‘s creator and CEO of BitTorrent, Justin Sun, is approaching. There are only 7 days to go and Charlie Lee already states that Buffett is not interested in bitcoin, nor will he ever be.

During a recent podcast, Charlie Lee of Litecoin (LTC) answered questions with Samson Mow of Blockstream. Topics ranged from the upcoming Litecoin halving, scheduled for August 6th, 2019, to recent developments involving the LTC cryptocurrency.

In recent days, Charlie Lee has been invited to attend the charity lunch with Buffett which featured Justin Sun as the winner. When Lee was asked what his intentions were during the event and what sort of strategies he would try to adopt, he said that his goal was not to convince Warren Buffett.

“It’s not possible to convince him (Buffett). He doesn’t invest in technology stuff, so he’s not and won’t be into Bitcoin. And that’s not surprising at all”.

Justin Sun didn’t stop there and extended the invitation to other participants: this time it was the turn of Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle. Further invitations will be made public in the next few days.


The podcast went on and Lee said that the goal of the lunch is to achieve a high media exposure so that everyone can realise where Bitcoin is today. He also discussed his interaction with the American economist Nouriel Roubini.

Justin is inviting the entire crypto community to ask questions, be they more or less articulated so that they can select the best ones to be asked to Buffett. There will probably be other guests at that dinner and they will be announced on Twitter by the Sun himself.

As already stated, his goal is not to make known TRON to Warren Buffett, but to introduce him to the entire crypto ecosystem.