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Holy Coin: religion is starting to use tokens

The crypto world still lacked – or perhaps not – a project linked to the religious sphere and so recently the HOLY Coin token was created, aimed at spreading the word of the Christian God through blockchain technology.

Studying the details of this token, we discover that it is an SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol) token, which can be created easily using the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain.

Holy has some interesting features, especially on a symbolic level.

The details of Holy Coin

The token is called Jesus Piece, while the ticker is HOLY and has 8 decimal places. The supply is 77,777,777 tokens, derived from the 7 miracles that the Messiah performed, as described by the Apostle St. John.

These numbers were not randomly chosen, and the link between blockchain, token and religion indicates a strong desire to propagate this religion, a symptom of a project with a strong idealistic basis and which wants to be taken seriously.

Currently, the biggest use case of HOLY, as explained in the project’s announcement post, is to send prayers and therefore to promote prayer as well as knowledge of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

Practical examples and dissemination of the blockchain

The proliferation of a blockchain and cryptocurrency is primarily achieved through concrete uses in everyday life and in this case the token wants to bring people closer to the Christian religion but at the same time could teach the faithful something more about blockchain technology.

Let’s not forget that to manage the token a wallet is required, as well as the knowledge of how fees, blocks, etc. work…

Anyway, these Holy Coins can be retrieved for free through a faucet that is available on Telegram. Every hour it is possible to request 7 HOLY coins to spread their adoption and to use them to tip other projects within Telegram.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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