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Two OneCoin promoters killed in Mexico

Two OneCoin promoters were found dead in a suitcase in Mexico

The newspaper LaTercera.com reports that the lifeless bodies of Chilean Óscar Brito Ibarra and Argentinean Ignacio Ibarra were found inside a suitcase in Mazatlán, in the state of Sinaloa, about a thousand kilometres northwest of Mexico City. 

The discovery took place on June 30th, amidst garbage bags, after that, according to the local press, both had been kidnapped two days earlier in another district of the same city, Villa Carey, and then died by suffocation. 

The news was also confirmed by the YouTube channel of the Chilean newspaper Meganoticias.

At the beginning of March, Óscar Brito travelled to Mexico to open a branch of the CLA, a company that offered to buy cars in exchange for digital money, and which is already accused of fraud in Argentina. 

Sinaloa prosecutor Raziel García, who is investigating the case, said:

“The only thing I can say, as it is a murder investigation and there’s a lot of secrecy, is that the investigation is well underway”. 

The hypothesis circulating is that they were involved in the illegal drugs market, but there are no records of the two Ibarra, who are not relatives, in this regard. 

Since the end of 2017, Óscar Ibarra has approached the cryptocurrency space, taking a particular interest in the OneCoin project and becoming its promoter. 

Lately, despite strong accusations of fraud against OneCoin, Ibarra has continued to believe in it, continuing to share content on social networks that highlighted the advantages of digital money over physical money. 

At the end of 2019, Oscar Ibarra, wanting to somehow capitalize his investment in OneCoin, went to Argentina to meet Cristián Cabrera, who claimed to be a representative of CLA, a Latin American company that operated in Argentina and Colombia as a sort of intermediary between buyers and car manufacturers, and who allegedly received digital money with which he bought cars in different countries at affordable prices. 

In February this year, Cabrera travelled to Chile with another CLA official, Ignacio Ibarra, to attract new potential buyers. Thanks in part to the presence of Óscar Ibarra, they managed to get around 20 new contracts signed. 

In the meantime, however, 140 people in Argentina claimed to have been swindled by the CLA, for a total turnover of about 400 thousand dollars. 

The scam consisted of getting paid for the cars with an initial charge of $1,000, plus $400 in registration fees, while the rest would be paid upon delivery in OneCoin.

The victims, however, accuse CLA of never delivering the cars. 

In addition, some of the scammers began to follow the movements of CLA members online, so much so that they were able to confront them in person in Palermo. However, despite this, it was not possible to recover the money spent for nothing. 

It is possible that the murder of Óscar Brito Ibarra and Ignacio Ibarra is linked to this affair

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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