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Gemini integrated into Brave Browser

The Gemini exchange is now integrated into the Brave browser. As a result, Brave users can use the exchange without ever leaving the browser.

All this will be done thanks to a widget that will be available on Brave and will allow users to perform the usual trading operations with the cryptocurrency listed on Gemini.

At the moment this functionality is only available for the Brave Nightly version, which is the version of the browser dedicated to testing the new features. Within a few weeks, it should become available on the official version.

In addition, Brave users will be able to receive their rewards in BAT, which they perceive every time they watch advertisements, directly inside the Gemini Creator Wallet. They will also be able to choose to receive rewards not in Basic Attention Token but in other crypto assets as long as they are supported by Gemini. This feature is only valid in the United States for verified Brave Creators users. 

Tyler Winklevoss commented on Twitter:

“Exciting partnership news. Gemini is now integrated with the Brave Browser. You can now buy, sell, and store crypto via the Gemini Trading Widget in Brave Nightly and in Brave’s general release soon. It’s time to take back control of your privacy!”

Brave, the alternative browser

Brave is a different browser compared to the most common ones because it overturns the concept of advertising fruition, guaranteeing a high level of privacy. In fact, Brave users do not see advertising banners and those annoying and intrusive pop ups. Instead, they can opt to receive push notifications of advertisements. For each notification displayed they receive rewards in BAT, the Brave token. 

This browser has millions of users and it seems to be very popular with crypto exchanges who are seizing its potential.

Gemini is not the only exchange to have been integrated into Brave. Before the Winklevoss twins’ platform, it was Binance who entered into a similar agreement.

It all suggests that with these new built-in features, the Brave browser is set to become increasingly popular for users in the crypto world.  

Eleonora Spagnolo
Eleonora Spagnolo
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