Nexo may have written the report against Chainlink
Nexo may have written the report against Chainlink

Nexo may have written the report against Chainlink

By Alfredo de Candia - 20 Jul 2020

Chevron down

Yesterday some users tried to obtain more information about the Zeus Capital report that discredited the Chainlink (LINK) project, famous for its decentralized oracles. The report invited to open short positions on the related asset.

Zeus Capital examined several elements of the project and dismantled every aspect of it, comparing it to a fraud and the infamous Wirecard case, concluding that it would be better to sell the LINK token.

Many people doubted the report, not least because Zeus Capital didn’t seem to have the right qualifications and seemed to come out of nowhere.

The suspicions then prompted the crypto community to check the code used by Zeus Capital’s web platform.

It turned out that it contains the same code and the information that can be found on Nexo’s official page.

Moreover, it turns out that it was even discovered who created the report and spread it: apparently it was a certain Simeon Rusanov, head of digital asset research at Nexo, who strangely enough immediately deleted his LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, but the crypto community had managed to save it beforehand.

Besides these profiles, the report with all its accusations has also mysteriously disappeared, a very trivial attempt to hide the evidence, which is beginning to vanish precisely when it was discovered that Nexo was involved in this scandal.

The story doesn’t end here because Nexo itself used the report to benefit from it, borrowing 350,000 LINK through the Aave platform.

Nexo’s response

This event has not gone unnoticed by Nexo, who not only preferred not to comment on what happened but has returned the accusations to the sender.

Unfortunately the evidence has all been deleted and only screenshots of the social pages and the report remain, so it is difficult to determine whether and how much Nexo is involved in this scandal.

Nonetheless, several users have started to remove funds from the Nexo platform.

Alfredo de Candia

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