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Intel vs. McAfee for Ghost Project

John McAfee shared with users a rather singular story involving his project Ghost, the decentralized privacy coin, and Intel.

It seems that the name used by the “GhostbyMcAfee” project would be Intel’s, which notified McAfee’s lawyers to change the name.  

The link between Intel and McAfee 

Maybe not everyone knows John McAfee’s past as a programmer and creator of the popular antivirus McAfee, which is also the name of the company he founded in 1987. 

McAfee’s success culminated in 2010, when he decided to sell the company to Intel for the modest sum of $7.68 billion.

Then in 2014 Intel renamed the brand to Intel Security, but kept the name McAfee for antivirus. 

Intel can exploit the McAfee brand to its advantage and liking, therefore considering the name GhostbyMcAfee as its property. 

At this point for McAfee there’s not much to do except replace the project name.

The alternatives to Ghost

He himself proposes an alternative, but he is not completely convinced by it, namely “GhostbyJohnMcAfee” so his name is simply added. 

So McAfee asked the community for help in finding a new name for the project. Interesting proposals are not lacking, as many people find the old name too long and instead prefer to bet on GhostbyShost, GhostAfee, GhostChain. Others instead ironically suggest McAfee to change his name.

What is Ghost?

The project launched a few months ago just by McAfee aims to develop a blockchain and a cryptocurrency that protects privacy even more than Monero and Zcash.

In addition, the company also wants to develop other tools to achieve total anonymity in everyday life and in fact announced that it has in store an eSIM to make anonymous calls and a debit card also private.

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