Keeping fit with EOS
Keeping fit with EOS

Keeping fit with EOS

By Alfredo de Candia - 23 Jul 2020

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One of the interesting projects that exploits the EOS blockchain is PUML, a platform that provides incentives to stay fit and includes a program for the business sector such as gyms, wellness centers, but also an ecommerce of products related to sports and fitness.

The project was funded by’s EOS VC, which allowed PUML to expand and take the project to an advanced stage. Currently you can already download the application available for both iOS and Android.

There are already several applications that provide rewards, albeit very low, for achieving achievements or challenges, but they are usually just virtual badges or medals without real use.

In this case, instead, the platform allows you to earn or win PUML Coins, which can be redeemed for various rewards such as products, wellness services and more.

You can apply to become their partner and add your own products.

The token hasn’t been yet released, but everything suggests that it will be soon, also because the application also has its own wallet based on this very blockchain.

In addition to this system, PUML plans to manage user data regarding its performance and records, since this data will always be saved within the blockchain.

The use of a sister chain using EOSio is foreseen, so as not to burden the main network and level the management costs.

As explained by Damien King, co-founder and CTO of PUML, the goal is to become the number one reward for their users:

“We want to be the number one rewards app so that whatever gym you go to, or whatever class you do, you’re always getting our token. So it can be used and redeemed across all sorts of retail and fitness centers and corporate wellness providers. There is no global fitness currency or rewards system right now, so that’s where we’d love to be.”

Remember that the application will also integrate Strava to keep track of other activities, in fact you can already link different fitness accounts to the same as well as different sports wear.


Alfredo de Candia

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