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Former VP of Goldman Sachs new General Counsel of Bison Trails

Bison Trails has appointed a new General Counsel, Elizabeth Ralston, former Director of BlockTower Capital and former Vice President of Goldman Sachs

Bison Trails is a company offering a service for creating, launching and managing a secure multi-blockchain, enterprise-class node infrastructure.

Whereas Ralston worked at BlockTower Capital, one of the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain investment firms, where she managed legal strategies and practices on complex regulatory issues.

Previously she was also Vice President of the Legal Division at Goldman Sachs, where she was involved in various cross-sector initiatives to assess legal negotiation issues, regulatory requirements, technology improvements and new business impacts. 

At Bison Trails, she will lead strategy and operations that intersect risk, legal, policy and regulatory compliance. 

She will also help develop business objectives by seeking to minimize risks to the company, ensure regulatory compliance and support the company’s values. Ralston will directly oversee all legal matters and provide oversight for all functional divisions of the company, including business development, products, marketing, finance and operations. 

The curriculum vitae of Bison Trails’ new General Counsel

At BlockTower Capital, she helped the company move into the emerging regulatory environment at a time when US regulators were beginning to focus on the crypto industry. She also negotiated numerous business agreements with custodians, exchanges, OTC desks, software vendors, and other crypto service providers, as well as managing venture capital investments in startups. 

Ralston holds degrees in law from Seton Hall University School of Law, and in psychology from the University of Arizona. 

She is also a member of various industry groups, including the TechGC community and the Digital Asset Regulatory and Legal Alliance (DARLA), as well as Women In Funds (WIF), the social community for women working in private equity funds.

The CEO of Bison Trails, Joe Lallouz, said: 

“As a young and growing industry, it’s important that members engage with global policymakers to help educate and influence the regulations and policies that will undoubtedly have an effect on our future. An in-house general counsel will add a trusted, strategic partner to the leadership team who will help drive strategy and operations as they intersect with risk, legal, policy, and compliance. As we continue to grow our team, the need for a business-minded legal advisor focused on moving our mission forward has become clear, and Elizabeth is the perfect fit to get that job done”.

Elizabeth Ralston commented: 

“Today’s blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape has vastly changed from the Wild West it once resembled. Given that thoughtful regulation is integral to mass adoption, I look forward to setting a regulatory precedent that paves the way for this budding ecosystem. I am determined to fiercely advocate for this transformative industry and effectively engage with regulators on behalf of Bison Trails”.


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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