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The Proof of Caring by Time Coin Protocol is here

In a recent press release, Time Coin Protocol, a sharing economy protocol based on the EOS blockchain, announced the launch of Proof of Caring, which will provide a $40,000 prize fund to all those who will contribute to the project. 

Each user will receive a maximum of $3,000 in TMCN tokens.

As mentioned, this protocol is targeting the sharing economy, and the first decentralized application (dApp) that will be released will be the one called eSportStars, which will allow eSport players, streamers and fans to buy and sell tickets, organize competitions and earn TMCN tokens.

Many have already registered and among these users, there are also professional players such as JapanKillerAngel, a professional eSport team which plays PUBG and Valorant; Nephrite, among the best Asian teams of Fortnite; GameWith, the team of Zakray, a Super Smash Bros. champion; TeamYAMASA, one of the biggest Tekken players, and others. 

Time Coin Protocol, the project

Time Coin Protocol has already raised over $3 million from over 250 thousand users of Time Ticket which belongs to the Global Way group, and thanks to this platform several users already earn $10 thousand per month thanks to Time Ticket, a marketplace that offers consulting services such as programming, coaching, financial advice and so on.

Time Ticket already has 250 thousand users and Time Coin Protocol wants to expand to get 300 thousand registered users worldwide. To do so, it is working with professional teams in the eSports and streamers world in China and North America.

The activities of Proof of Caring to earn tokens, once approved by Time Coin Protocol, include supporting eSports, creating partnerships, publishing articles and blogging posts, as well as translating materials and much more.

Basically, it’s a kind of bounty, so that users will be rewarded for supporting the project, just as they did at the time of ICOs through forums like Bitcoin Talk.



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