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How to list an SLP token

In this short guide, we will see how to list an SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol) token, an asset based on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. 

To do this we will use the token we created in another guide and the platform called Memo.cash, which is used for chatting and posting posts, storing all the data directly on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

One important aspect of a token is to give it a value and make it possible for it to be traded on exchanges, whether centralized or decentralized, so that all users can have the opportunity to buy and sell it, but also to easily check its price.

How to list an SLP token autonomously

Before we begin to list our SLP token we’re going to need a few things:

  • An SLP token;
  • Bitcoin Cash to cover both the cost of the transaction and to give value to our token, bearing in mind that we will also pay a 1.5% fee on the platform.

 The first step is to connect to the platform and login or register.

Within the platform, we will first add our token to the Memo.cash wallet and then go to the “Tokens” menu and click the “Sell” button:

list token SLP

Now all that remains is to enter the amount of tokens we want to sell, set the price per token, measured in satoshi, and the total amount to be paid for the transaction, which is the sum of the crypto we will enter for the token:

list token SLP

At the end, we will have created our order and we will find our SLP among the tokens listed with the others and we will automatically calculate the market capitalization, the supply and the opening and closing prices, always measured in satoshis.

In this way, it is possible to list any SLP token and also decide the initial price at which it will enter the market as if it were a decentralized exchange that allows other users to buy or sell.


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