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Which blockchain is the most decentralized?

Today we are going to analyze several blockchains to actually see which one is the most decentralized

To do this we will use data from MiningPoolStats:

decentralised blockchain

In fact, one element that many users are increasingly considering to evaluate a blockchain is the level of decentralization, i.e. how much it is actually controlled by the community and in which countries there are more pools.

This ranking starts by analyzing the crypto asset par excellence, i.e. bitcoin.

As the graph shows, it is mostly the Asian regions that do most of the mining and this represents 37% of the total, then there is America with 22% and Europe with 18%.

Moving instead to analyze the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, there is an almost equal distribution between Asia that mines the asset for 30% and Europe with 31%, while America stops only at 15%.

With regard to the bitcoin forks, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has 36% in Asia, 20% in Europe and America, while the remaining 30% in other countries; for Bitcoin SV (BSV) there is a similar situation, where in Asia there is 35% while in America 17% and in Europe 14%.

The situation is more stable for the Litecoin (LTC) blockchain as it is Europe that has 30% of the pools, while Asia has 24% and America 20%, so we can say that it is quite balanced between the various countries around the world.

Interesting parameters can be found with the Monero (XMR) blockchain: 44% of the pools are in Europe, a sign that the privacy factor is very important in this continent, compared to Asia which has 16% and America 22%.

Finally, with regard to the EOS blockchain, the first 65 Block Producers (BP) have been taken as a reference and of these, 38% are in Asia, 33% in America and only 9% in Europe. 

From these data we can see that most of the blockchains have a significant presence in Asia, one reason being that proportionally the population is higher and electricity costs are lower than in America or Europe. Moreover, historically Asia has been a very technologically advanced continent, and therefore this is also perhaps why it operates more in the mining sector.

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