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Ashton Kutcher, NFT auctioned on Cryptograph

The famous actor Ashton Kutcher has auctioned off one of his “works” as an NFT on Cryptograph

It is a drawing made by the actor, a sketch on a notepad page depicting a star and eyes looking at it. On the side, there is his autograph. The peculiarity of this work is that it exists only in the digital version.

As the video published on the platform shows, Ashton Kutcher set fire to the original sketch. In the video, he clearly says that the doodle is only available in digital form. After taking the photo posted on Cryptograph, the actor literally said goodbye to the original copy, which was burned:

“Now, you the owner have the only known version of that particular doodle. Enjoy”.

Ashton Kutcher NFT burned

The Eye of the Beholder, Aston Kutcher’s NFT.

The doodle made by Ashton Kutcher is called “The Eye of the Beholder”

With his performance, the actor intended to demonstrate that the physical and digital worlds can be combined in interesting ways. The basic idea is that art exists only in the eye of the beholder. That is why the physical version has been destroyed and only the digital version remains. 

A social purpose

The work has been auctioned on Cryptograph and currently, the best bid is around 10 ETH. The price will probably increase as the sale will last another two days. However, at the moment only 3 bids have been made. 

In any case, Ashton Kutcher is not aiming to get rich with his work. 

The proceeds will be used to support two organizations involved in environmental protection:

  • Global Wildlife Conservation, which protects endangered species in over 50 countries around the world, with the aim of maintaining biodiversity on Earth;
  • Oxygen Seven, a reforestation initiative that aims to combat climate change, protect biodiversity and help the world’s reforestation efforts. 

In short, even celebrities (with Emmy) are turning to NFTs. This shows that the market is expanding and that it is infecting everyone.  

In this case, however, the aim is not entertainment or collecting as an end in itself. Cryptograph’s mission is another: to generate funds with digital creations of artists and icons, to be allocated to charitable initiatives


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