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Justin Sun stops the Just (JST) airdrop

The CEO of the TRON Foundation, Justin Sun, shared with users his vision of DeFi and the newborn JustSwap, also announcing the end of the Just token airdrop.

In the letter, signed by him, there is a small summary of the success of the JustSwap launch. The platform has achieved in a few hours results that took months for Uniswap, demonstrating a really remarkable progression.

In the same letter, Sun elaborates 8 points to enhance and improve the new product:

  • Eliminate fake tokens: as we’ve seen recently, DEXs are also being used by criminals to list tokens that imitate existing projects. This is a problem that plagues Uniswap, for example. To solve this problem, all tokens will be checked on JustSwap, and fake tokens will be delisted;
  • Invite and reward projects to migrate to TRON: there is $10 million on the table to bring decentralized applications (dApps) to DeFi;
  • Incentivize liquidity-providing market makers, since JustSwap currently distributes all the fees for each trade without charging anything on them;
  • Replace monthly JST airdrop rewards to TRX holders with JST liquidity mining rewards; the airdrop that was supposed to continue until 2022 was discontinued, as was the case with the BitTorrent (BTT) token airdrop. Those rewards will be given to all those who will provide liquidity, a kind of yield farming on JustSwap;
  • Strengthen cooperation with data display providers such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Feixiaohao and others to bring more attention to this protocol;
  •  Enhance cooperation with world-class blockchain wallet providers to integrate JustSwap;
  • Improve the user experience: the team is already collecting feedback to make the platform experience even smoother;
  • Publish tutorials for the community, so even less experienced users can operate.

The letter concludes with the hope that the DeFi revolution will lead to exploring new areas on the TRON blockchain. This is what the CEO commented:

“I personally believe that the DeFi revolution which will sweep across the crypto world and even the wider financial sector has just started. Throughout TRON’s exploration of the DeFi sphere, TRON has always maintained an “All in” approach to face all challenges and difficulties. We sincerely hope you could give JustSwap, a 15-hour old newborn, more time to grow. We will definitely confront all challenges head-on and build JustSwap into the best-ever Defi ecosystem, living up to the expectations and support you have given us!”

End of the Just airdrop: criticism against Justin Sun

Some users have not taken the news of the end of the airdrop well and claim that Justin Sun, for the umpteenth time, is not keeping his promises

This certainly does not improve his reputation, also because the related airdrops had some parameters, such as owning at least 100 TRX, which had pushed many users to buy more just to receive BTT and Just.


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