How do domains work on the Bitcoin SV blockchain
How do domains work on the Bitcoin SV blockchain

How do domains work on the Bitcoin SV blockchain

By Alfredo de Candia - 23 Aug 2020

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Unstoppable Domains are very well known, but they are not the only blockchain domains and in fact some of them have been developed on other platforms, such as Bitcoin SV (BSV), thanks to the NBdomain project. 

One of the advantages of using NBdomain is to have domains stored in Bitcoin Satoshi Vision nodes, so they cannot be censored in any way.

It is also possible to have a domain ID which is represented by the “name.bsv” and use it as an access system for other platforms.

Finally, the system allows having a virtually infinite data storage, since the size is determined by the transaction of this blockchain which is really impressive, so in theory a lot of images, videos and various documents can be uploaded and have them always available anywhere on earth. 

Please note that the service is active but in the testing phase.

How to create blockchain domains on Bitcoin SV 

The first step is to connect to the platform and choose the domain, remembering that it must end with the .test extension.

After checking the domain, click on the “Free Domain” button and on the next screen all the parameters will be shown, as well as the required fee, usually 0.01 BSV which is about $2.

Then it will be necessary to click on the “Free Apply” button and enter a BSV address.

The procedure is simple, but there are still many things to implement.

These domains are already integrated into the Maxthon browser from version 6, and the Volt wallet, which allows face unlocking the wallet. 

Another aspect that will be introduced will be email, NBpaymail, and the possibility of using the domain as an alias for payments, so much in the same way that can be found on Unstoppable Domains, which currently allows having both a web page and a wallet to link crypto addresses.

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