Top 10 crypto assets better than Bitcoin
Top 10 crypto assets better than Bitcoin

Top 10 crypto assets better than Bitcoin

By Alfredo de Candia - 23 Aug 2020

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Not everyone knows that there are better tokens and cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin, meaning that their price is even higher than BTC.

As everyone knows, when looking at a crypto ranking, in most cases they are sorted by market capitalization and therefore Bitcoin (BTC) always appears first. But by ordering them according to price, the positions change as shown by CoinGecko.

top 10 crypto better than bitcoin

The crypto assets better than Bitcoin

In this ranking, in the first place, there is a token worth over 15 billion dollars

This is the Travel1click (T1C) token, which has a website and social network, and as the name suggests it is similar to TravelbyBit in that it offers a system for booking flights using crypto. The strange thing is that the project doesn’t seem to be very active and from the website it’s not possible to book anything yet.

In the second place, there is the ERC20 3x Long Swipe Token (SXPBULL) which, as the name implies, looks for a daily return of 3 times the Swipe token. SXPBULL has a price of 98 thousand dollars.

In the third position, there is Robonomics Web Services (RWS), which focuses on robotics and has several open-source packages related to smart cities and industry 4.0. Its token is traded at 77 thousand dollars.

In fourth place there is an index token, to be precise 3x Long DeFi Index Token (DEFIBULL) that has in the basket DEFI-PERP, and has a value of 48 thousand dollars.

BillionBond (XBB) is in fifth place, a token created on the Waves blockchain but that seems to be dead, despite its value being 41 thousand dollars.

In sixth position there is 42-coin (42) and, as the name implies, has a maximum supply of 42 tokens. It is traded around 36 thousand dollars.

Position 7 for Project-X (NANOX), a project that involves mining contracts, but even here the project seems abandoned, although its token is exchanged at about 16 thousand dollars.

In the eighth and tenth position, we find 3xLong Chainlink Token (LINKBULL) with 16 thousand dollars and 0.5x Long Swipe Token (SXPHALF) with 15 thousand dollars.

While the ninth position is occupied by Hemelios (HEM), a project created in November 2019. 

It is an ERC20 token, which has the function of creating new tokens only if the price of the asset increases, and in fact its value has already reached 15 thousand dollars.




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