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Bitcoin (BTC) ETPs arrive on the Vienna Stock Exchange

The Vienna Stock Exchange today announced the first ETP based on Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

These products were launched by the Swiss company 21Shares AG, which in fact brings both BTC and ETH to the Austrian market for the first time. The company is one of the most innovative in Europe and has several ETPs under its belt for almost every crypto, including XRP, BCG, BNB and other crypto-themed indexes.

The Vienna Stock Exchange is one of the largest in the DACH, which includes Germany, Austria and Switzerland and this shows how institutions are increasingly opening up to these products.

Switzerland is an area that has always declared itself crypto-friendly, which is why it was easy for the team to make progress in creating this ETP, commented the CEO of 21Shares AG, Hany Rashwan:

“We are happy to share that Bitcoin is now accessible everywhere for both retail as well as institutional investors across the entire DACH region. We started with the Swiss market due to our home roots and having a crypto-friendly landscape. In July 2020, we entered the German market by listing ABTC on Deutsche Boerse XETRA. This listing in Austria now gives all German-speaking countries easy exposure to this asset class. Outside the DACH region, no other jurisdiction globally provides such comprehensive and ample access to Bitcoin”.

Now all interested parties will be able to access these instruments in a safe and regulated manner, said Thomas Rainer, Head of Business Development of the Vienna Stock Exchange:

“With this important listing, the Vienna Stock Exchange is expanding its selection of asset classes. Experienced, local investors can now benefit from the stock market advantages in crypto trading: Monitored, regulated and transparent trading with real-time information and secure settlement via their regular brokers account”.

There is no doubt that in the future we will be able to see other institutional developments in this sector as well as other countries that are still lagging behind in the regulation and management of these types of investment instruments, as there are already a number of forerunners to draw inspiration from. 

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