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Ivan on Tech for blockchain and AI education

Through a press release Effect.AI, a platform for bringing artificial intelligence to EOS, announced that it has formed a partnership with the famous YouTuber Ivan on Tech and its Tech Academy programme to provide blockchain and AI education.

Effect.AI is based in the Netherlands and aims to revolutionize the artificial intelligence industry, but this cannot happen without education on the subject.

This partnership focuses precisely on this educational aspect. 

In January of this year, the company launched the first Effect AI & Blockchain Center in the city of Rustavi, which cooperates with the United Nations and UNDP but also with the Rustavi Innovation Hub.

The involvement of Ivan on Tech

This partnership will lead to the creation of training materials and videos not only in English but also in several other languages.

In this way, everyone will be able to start studying and exploring more in-depth material related to blockchain and more.

Only through education can the gap in this area be reduced, explained the CEO and co-founder of Effect.AI, Chris Dawe:

“There is a marked gap in gainful employment, technological education, and opportunities between those with easy access to blockchain technology and AI systems and those with little or no such access in developing nations”.

The Ivan On Tech Academy, founded by Ivan Liljeqvist and Filip Martinsson in Stockholm, Sweden, is a very useful platform for those who want to start approaching this world as most of what can be found around is designed for programmers.

For sure blockchain programming is the area that many people look to in order to find a job.

Ivan Liljeqvist, founder of Ivan On Tech Academy explained: 

“Blockchain programming is true magic. You can literally change the world with a few lines of code.”

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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