Crypto ATM: Litecoin ahead of Ethereum
Crypto ATM: Litecoin ahead of Ethereum

Crypto ATM: Litecoin ahead of Ethereum

By Marco Cavicchioli - 9 Sep 2020

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In terms of crypto ATMs, Litecoin surpasses Ethereum

According to data published on Twitter by Smaulgld, there are a total of 9,709 crypto ATMs in the world, of which 9,704 offer the purchase and sale of Bitcoin. 

Nevertheless, there are still only 6,632 that also offer altcoins, which means that more than 3,000 support BTC alone

Among those that also offer altcoins, the most widespread cryptocurrency is not the second per market capitalization (ETH), but Litecoin (LTC). 

In fact, there are 6,461 ATMs offering LTC, often together with BTC. 

It should not be forgotten that Litecoin is one of the “oldest” altcoins, as it was born in 2011, only two years after Bitcoin. Ethereum was launched in 2015, four years after Litecoin. 

Ether (ETH) is in third place in this ranking, with 5,705 ATMs, about 750 less than LTC. 

Crypto ATMs, the growth of Litecoin

The most curious thing, however, is that the number of ATMs offering Litecoin is growing faster than those offering Ether, despite the enormous success that ETH has been enjoying in recent times thanks in particular to the DeFi platform. 

It is enough to think that in the last month alone, 380 new ATMs offering LTC have been added, while only a little more than 300 which offer ETH. 

In the same period, as many as 700 ATMs offering BTC have been added, and it is likely that this is the reason why Litecoin ATMs are also growing rapidly. 

In fact, it is quite common that Bitcoin ATMs also offer Litecoin, while it is a little less common that they also offer Ether. 

The fourth place for the number of existing ATMs in the world is Bitcoin Cash (BCH), well distanced from the first three with only 3,199 ATMs, while the fifth is Dash with 1,991. 

From the sixth place onwards, the numbers are tiny, with only 236 ATMs in the world offering USDT, 208 offering Monero (XMR), 124 offering XRP, and so on. 

There is therefore a big gap between Bitcoin and altcoins in this particular ranking, with more than 99.9% of crypto ATMs offering BTC, while only 68% also offer altcoins, and another huge gap between the top five most popular cryptocurrencies and the others. 

Moreover, there are still very few ATMs with Lightning Network: only 9 worldwide. 


Marco Cavicchioli

Born in 1975, Marco has been the first to talk about Bitcoin on YouTube in Italy. He founded and the Facebook group" Bitcoin Italia (open and without scam) ".

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