45% Interest on Your Deposits at Close to Zero Risk
45% Interest on Your Deposits at Close to Zero Risk

45% Interest on Your Deposits at Close to Zero Risk

By Crypto Advertising - 12 Sep 2020

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When most people think about a secure, reliable source of passive income what generally comes to mind are investment options like rental income from real estate holdings, or interest on stocks, bonds and other financial assets. Yet, these forms of investing are not open to everyone and have their own unique drawbacks.

The pros and cons of traditional passive investment strategies

Treasury bonds are probably one of the safest forms of investment, entailing almost no risk whatsoever and offer around 5% or 6% interest a year.  However, they can take decades to mature. Stocks on the other hand can offer double the return of a bond, although this comes with increased risks. You need to know which stocks to buy and even then, there is no guarantee that an unforeseen event will not lead to a drastic reversal of fortunes. This could be anything from a market crash to a corporate scandal, which could wipe out your investment in no time at all. 

When it comes to the property market, returns can be generous, at around 12% a year on average and the risks are manageable. However, you need a sizable sum available in advance as a down payment, as well as funds put aside for legal fees, brokers,  taxes and maintenance. Then of course there is the fact that it is a very illiquid environment and the market needs to be ripe before you can even begin the process of liquidating your property. Your profits also rely on a reliable tenant, who takes good care of the place and promptly pays rent, with no costly repairs being required.

These investment strategies each have their own plusses and minuses, but it is important to note that they are not the only options on the table. The global financial arena is evolving rapidly and if you are smart about it and willing to think outside the box a little, there are ways to enjoy higher yields than ever before with minimal exposure, even if you have zero prior experience and only a small sum to invest. One strategy for increasing your returns while reducing your risk, with almost no effort is with crypto arbitrage.

What is crypto arbitrage and how does it work?

The first thing you probably noticed is that this form of investing includes the word crypto. It is likely that when it comes to finding a secure home for your capital, digital currencies are not the first choice that spring to mind. It is true that the crypto arena has been associated with exceptionally high volatility and short-term trading on this emerging asset class can be a risky endeavor. However, with crypto arbitrage you can eliminate almost all of the risk while benefiting from the lucrative opportunity that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology present. 

crypto arbitrage

 Let’s start with a look at what crypto arbitrage is and why it offers a virtually risk-free avenue for crypto investing. Crypto arbitrage involves exploiting the fact that for a brief period, a currency will appear at different prices at the same time across a number of exchanges. A profit is generated by using an automated system to identify price disparities. The system then purchases the coin on the exchange where it is offered at the lowest price before instantly selling it on the exchange where it is offered at the highest available price, all before the temporary price discrepancy resolves itself. Unlike with crypto day trading for example, rapid and dramatic fluctuations of the digital currency markets will not impact capital invested in a crypto arbitrage strategy, which only deals with brief price discrepancies across exchanges. 

The crypto arbitrage advantage

In order to understand the benefits of arbitrage over other forms of passive investing, let’s examine one of the biggest names in the crypto arbitrage arena, ArbiSmart.

ArbiSmart is an EU licensed, automated crypto arbitrage platform, which offers passive profits that start at 10.8% and reach as high as 45% per year, depending on the sum deposited, a profit far higher than you will see from any other legitimate, regulated form of passive investment.


The fact that ArbiSmart is fully regulated is particularly significant, because one of the primary disadvantages associated with investing in the crypto space is the issue of regulation. In many respects, the world of crypto is like the Wild West, since a number of governments are still playing catch up with regard to how to regulate and provide consumer protections for the crypto market. 

The crypto arena has its fair share of scams, however, as an EU licensed company, ArbiSmart offers a trusted crypto investing environment. External auditing maintains transparency, rigorous data security protocols ensure the integrity of client accounts and protect against hacks, while the implementation of strict Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) procedures guarantee that investors are shielded against fraud.

The ArbiSmart support team provides clients with an added layer of accountability. The experienced staff is available day and night, across multiple channels, personally delivering professional, service and guidance via phone, email, Messenger, Viber, Telegram and Whatsapp. This is part of the reason that the company has such exceptionally positive feedback on social media and a five star rating on the leading consumer review site Trustpilot.

ArbiSmart’s AI-based algorithm is completely automated, meaning that you don’t have to lift a finger once you have deposited funds in your account. It is connected to over twenty different exchanges, which it scans 24/7 to find and instantly exploit the most lucrative crypto arbitrage trading opportunities on behalf of clients.

The system offers all the speed, efficiency, safety and transparency of an automated blockchain-based system. Extra security is provided by an expert risk management team that monitors the markets around the clock and can step in the event of major market upheaval. There is also an IT team on shift 24/7 to ensure that technical glitches never interfere with trading.

Clearly the most attractive aspect of crypto arbitrage is the huge returns it offers. ArbiSmart not only eclipses the competition with returns of up to 45%, but also with the added revenue that can be earned through ownership of the native token RBIS. Once you deposit either fiat or cryptocurrency with the platform, it is converted into RBIS and then used to generate crypto arbitrage profits, (which can be withdrawn at any time in EUR). The RBIS token is rising in value all the time. In fact in the eighteen months since its introduction it has already gone up by 120%, providing great capital gains on top of earnings from crypto arbitrage trading. Moreover, as the platform continues its unparalleled global growth, the value of the token is also projected to go through the roof, rising by 3,000% by the end of 2021. 

Another income stream that ArbiSmart offers its crypto arbitrage investors and anyone else looking for a safe additional form of passive income is its interest-bearing wallet. As opposed to simply letting your investment profits sit idle, you can securely store your crypto or fiat money, earning interest as high as 45%, depending on the amount deposited, the account currency and whether the funds are locked in a closed account for a set period.  

There are clearly countless ways to build your portfolio with options to suit investors of every temperament and financial bracket. Some offer generous returns, counterbalanced by greater risk, whereas others offer lower returns but present a safer investment choice. Crypto arbitrage and automated platforms like ArbiSmart are breaking the mold, offering unmatched profits as well as almost zero risk. 

To learn more about ArbiSmart check out their website, where you can find out about different types of arbitrage, or sign up and start investing straight away.

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