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Anyswap: DeFi on Binance Chain

One of the cross-chain protocols for exchanging tokens, Anyswap, announced yesterday that it has also activated the platform on Binance Chain and this opens further doors to decentralized finance (DeFi) on this blockchain.

Anyswap is a multi-platform, cross-chain, decentralized exchange (DEX) using Fusion’s DCRM technology.

It is similar to Uniswap, and it is possible to list Ethereum’s ERC20 tokens on the Fusion blockchain and, from now on, also on the Binance Chain blockchain.

The protocol, which can be reached here, already includes several BEP20 tokens, such as BNB-BEP20, USDT-BEP20, SPARTAN-BEP20, Burger-BEP20, Peach-BEP20. In addition, the first cross-chain asset, Fusion coin (FSN) and the token ANY-FRC20 will also be listed.

The Anyswap team has included 5 million ANY tokens to boost liquidity and allow the first exchanges to take place. In addition, an additional 10 thousand ANY tokens will be placed on the market on a daily basis for the next 10 days as a bonus for all those who provide liquidity.

If liquidity is provided to the ANY/BNB pool then the bonus will be doubled and the first 100 liquidity providers will each get 100 ANY tokens.

Surely for Binance’s blockchain this is a real breakthrough as not only are there already several pairs available but it is also possible to provide liquidity and collect both the pool fees and the ANY tokens, as well as the possibility to create pools and list any token from this blockchain.

Not only Anyswap: DeFi on Binance Chain

Anyway, let’s remember that this is not the first or only protocol to be found on this blockchain: recently, also Burger Swap went live, a nearly identical copy of Uniswap

Burger Swap has created the Burger token that serves as the governance token for the platform that has over 2.2 million BNB within the protocol, which at the current price is over $70 million, demonstrating that DeFi is off to a great start on this blockchain.



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