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San Marino: a team ready for the blockchain challenge

In the Republic of San Marino, research and meetings continue to take up the challenge of new technologies, harnessing cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

This is the setting in which experts in the sector met a few days ago, strongly supported by the Secretary of State for Finance, Marco Gatti

The meeting was attended by the project director, Umberto Rapetto, and the San Marino Innovation summit represented by Alessandro Rossi and William Casali. The meeting served to present the experts identified by Rapetto to make San Marino a leader in the blockchain sector.

During the meeting, different aspects: political, strategic and tactical, were discussed in order to achieve a better implementation of the blockchain and the relaunch of Titano

Indeed, in the last few months, the Republic of San Marino had launched a token, the Titano, although not a real cryptocurrency since it is not based on the blockchain. From a technical point of view, it is a CCF, a tax credit certificate, which is used to generate liquidity and can only be spent in San Marino. It is a form of electronic money, placed on a smart card. 

The launch of Titano represents the precise will of the small State located within Italy to become a blockchain hub. Or at least to carve out a leading role for itself in the panorama of innovation.

The meeting of the past few days represents this very desire: to learn from past international experiences, to value them, and to do better. 

A team in San Marino for the implementation of blockchain

This is why the team deployed is transversal and multifaceted. 

Its members are Filippo Cocco and Fulvio Sarzana, lawyers expert in computer law and new technologies. It is up to them to find the legal solution that does not conflict with international rules. During the meeting, they specified the internal and international impact of the innovations that San Marino wants to put in place. 

Economists Valerio Cestrone and Valerio Gallitto spoke about the economic return. 

Valerio Merola, who has a long experience as the person responsible for the security of Public Administration networks, spoke about technological aspects and security. 

Now this team of experts will have to find the best solution to bring San Marino to play a leading role in the world of digital currencies.

San Marino, despite its small size, demonstrates that it wants to keep up with the changing world. One cannot exclude the possibility that Titano may soon become a real cryptocurrency. 


Eleonora Spagnolo
Eleonora Spagnolo
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