Uniswap increases the fees of Coinbase
Uniswap increases the fees of Coinbase

Uniswap increases the fees of Coinbase

By Alfredo de Candia - 18 Sep 2020

Chevron down

Coinbase Pro announced yesterday that users will have to start paying the fees of the Ethereum network, which is justified by the fact that in the last period the cost has become very high, in part due to Uniswap.

Only yesterday, in fact, with the airdrop of the UNI token to all the addresses that interacted with the Uniswap platform, the gas reached 800 Gwei simply because people were busy making the token claim to move it and in some cases sell it.

Coinbase lists DeFi tokens to compete with Uniswap

In the fight between Uniswap and Coinbase for volume supremacy, the exchange decided to list several DeFi tokens already present on the DEX.

The Coinbase exchange announced last night the listing of both the Loopring (LRC) and Yearn Finance (YFI) tokens, which are now available on the trading platform.

Since yesterday, it has been possible to buy, sell, receive and save both assets on Coinbase as well as on the relevant iOS and Android smartphone apps, which are available for all supported regions except New York State.

Just a week ago, Coinbase announced the listing of Yearn Finance on the professional Coinbase Pro platform, so the listing of this token was up in the air.

However, these assets are not among those that had been prepared for listing on its platform, such as Balancer, Curve, tBTC, wBTC and others, we are talking about 19 assets that were chosen a couple of months ago. This shows that there are other parameters that are taken into consideration for listing.

If on the one hand there is a token as interesting as Loopring, on the other, there is a token that has been called useless and worthless by the developers of the project themselves, in which case we can deduce that Coinbase has made this move to gain an economic advantage rather than supporting a solid and valid project.

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