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Pornvisory: the project announces staking for PVY tokens

A few hours ago Pornvisory launched its staking programme for PVY tokens.

This type of staking is actually, in technical terms, liquidity mining, which involves users getting rewarded by placing tokens in a pool on Uniswap. 

This means, as is common in the DeFi world, that to receive a reward it is necessary to lock both PVY tokens and their equivalent in another crypto which can be Ethereum, Tether (USDT) or DAI.

The rewards are, as anticipated in the previous Medium post of the project:

  • Staking for 3 months: 10% reward;
  • Staking for 6 months: 20% reward;
  • Staking for 9 months: 30% reward;
  • Staking for 12 months: 50% reward.

The reward is in PVY token. The minimum amount that can be staked is 100 PVY. These are certainly quite high rewards compared to the average.

To participate in the staking, simply visit dapp.dfohub.com and connect to your MetaMask wallet.

What is Pornvisory?

Pornvisory is a project similar to Brave browser, which allows users to earn PVY tokens by watching adult videos. The project is a content partner of the most popular websites in the industry such as Pornhub and xHamster.

For now, this service is not active, but the videos can already be watched on the official website, reading reviews and news from the adult world.

Pornvisory is a DFO, i.e. a decentralized flexible organization, which works in a similar way to a DAO for which PVY token holders can vote on proposals. The staking, in fact, was approved by a public vote.

As far as the project roadmap is concerned, the team is planning to launch erotic-themed NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on Opensea soon, featuring internationally renowned artists who have contributed to the creation of these digital artworks.

Furthermore, the team is working on partnerships to enable token holders to spend PVY to shop or purchase services.