NFT Awards: launched the prizes for the best gaming
NFT Awards: launched the prizes for the best gaming

NFT Awards: launched the prizes for the best gaming

By Alfredo de Candia - 9 Oct 2020

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The news comes directly from the Blockchain Game Alliance, an association responsible for promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain in gaming, which announced the NFT Awards 2020.

We’re talking about a really important event and a global impact, both because it involves the NFT (Non Fungible Token) of any blockchain, type and features, and because we have a jury that involves the major players in the traditional gaming world.

The judges of the NFT Awards 2020 are in fact:

  • Nobuyuki Idei, CEO and director of Sony;
  • Shigeki Morimoto, programmer and game designer of Pokémon;
  • Sherry List, leader of Microsoft Azure Heroes NFT reward program;
  • Nicolas Pouard, director of the Blockchain Initiative at Ubisoft. 

All of these high-profile names demonstrate how these awards and their winners will be judged by a jury with strong media impact and professionalism.

NFT Awards 2020: the categories and competition

These 2020 awards have several categories, in addition to the NFT of the year, which are:

  • NFT chosen by the public;
  • Most valuable NFT, which is the one that has been sold at the highest price throughout the year;
  • The best NFT in the gaming world, judged mainly in the appearance of the token’s features;
  • The most innovative NFT, which has made it possible to create something more than just technology itself;
  • NFT with the most beautiful graphics, so the one with the biggest impact;
  • The one with the greatest potential for mass adoption;
  • Most traded NFT: always throughout the year, the one that has been bought and sold the most times;
  • The best NFT in charity, i.e. those that have been used to raise funds and donate them for a good cause;
  • The best NFT utility, i.e. the one that has had the greatest impact on this sector in terms of utility.

Interesting how anyone can propose an NFT.

Voting will take place on 15 October, while on 9 December, in exactly 2 months’ time, we will discover the winners during a live Twitch broadcast by Singapore-based DEA (Digital Asset Entertainment) whose members include several exchanges such as OKEx, Bithumb, Bittrex, Indodax and Digifinex.

The NFT Awards 2020 event will also be attended by Enjin, a company behind the Enjin Network platform that has recently been integrated into Samsung.


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