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Akoin: the listing on Bittrex coming soon

A press release published today announced that the American exchange Bittrex will begin listing the Akoin token on November 5th. 

Akoin is the crypto project of the singer Akon, and aims to develop and improve the economy of African countries. Not only that, but also to help the so-called unbanked to become financially independent.

The token is intended to be a method of payment, but the project also aims to create a marketplace to buy and sell basically all kinds of goods and services.

Among other things, Akoin can also be used to develop a decentralized system of applications (dApps).

Although there are not many details about this project, we already know that the token will rely on the Stellar blockchain, which is a very fast blockchain allowing to create tokens, hence ready-to-use for decentralized finance (DeFi).

Listing on Bittrex to grow Akoin

The listing on Bittrex will certainly expand the potential market for this token, as commented by the co-founder of Akoin, Jon Karas:

“Bittrex is one of the world’s best and most trusted digital asset exchanges. Having Akoin listed on a top exchange creates global awareness and liquidity for the Akoin token while bringing us even closer to realizing our vision of bringing greater opportunity and social connectedness to people across Africa who want to build, grow and develop their own businesses.”

Bringing a payment system to the masses, especially in a country like Africa, is a benefit for everyone, stressed the CEO of Bittrex, Tom Albright:

“Leveraging financial tools to help those without access to banking and credit is still one of the biggest unrealized promises from blockchain. We’re incredibly excited about the long-awaited launch of Akoin”. 

Moreover, behind Akoin there are also other important names, such as Crystal Rose, wife of the famous Brock Pierce who is running in this year’s US presidential election.


Alfredo de Candia
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